3rd i* Workshop Discussion

3rd International i* Workshop Discussion and Wrap-Up

  • Expressive power: need of adapting “core” i* (domain-oriented, e.g. dwarehouse)
    • Beware of preserving semantics wrt core concepts (connection with ontology).
    • This stability is also important for industrial acceptance. But there is not a full agreement in the need/feasibility (e.g., the AO case was mentioned) of reaching such a consensus; but it seems clearer the need of at least having explicit the foundations of each proposal. It also may depend on novice/practitioner wrt expert.
    • (i* Guide) may help come to consensus, we should make the semantics explicit, even if they are different.
  • Lack of structure: requires methodological guidance
  • Comparison with other approaches
  • More sophisticated tool support
  • Challenge: time to put i* into practice: definition as standard
    • Next workshop should show many cases of practical application
    • There will be cases of both failure and success
  • Sharing industrial experiences; how to disseminate sensitive information
    • Strategies for making connections to industry
    • Restrictions on publishing
  • Connect i* to development, traceability
  • Training and education; opportunity of a tutorial (also local tutorials)
  • Tackle model complexity
  • Ontological foundations
    • Related to comparision with other approaches, expressive power, merging metamodels
  • Community-related issues: use of Google Scholar as underlying databases with queries on top for wiki publications; use of tagging facilities of del.icio.us (thanks Julio!); link from your web pages
  • Workshop: proceedings ok but length?
    • An option could be different types of contributions;
    • Making presentations available (could be asked in advance);
    • Avoid making the workshop another conference;
    • Special issue, possibilities mentioned: REJ, CACM (short contributions), IET Software (broader audience)

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