Guideline (Intermediate, Evaluation) Contributions from multiple elements typically require human judgment

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Guideline   (Intermediate, Evaluation) Contributions from multiple elements typically require human judgment. Open Version

Discussion: There are situations in which propagation rules follow an automatic and straight forward propagation. However, there are many other situations involving Contribution Links that are more complex than those suggested by the propagation rules presented in this section. In such complex situations, a softgoal might receive multiple, contradictory and conflicting Contribution Links from contributing elements. In similar instances, when a softgoal receives both positive and negative values (evidence), or when there is no source of sufficient evidence from contributing elements, human judgment or intervention is needed to decide what label to give to the soft element. Human judgment needs to utilize the underlying contextual and domain knowledge of the elements. If the modelers are unsure of how to resolve labels in a human judgment situation, this could indicate a gap in domain knowledge, leading to further elicitation, or a problem in the structure of the model.

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