ISSUES Raised at the 2nd i* Workshop

The following issues were collected during the presentations of the 2nd i* Workshop, 21-22 April 2005, in London, UK. Please feel free, to add your ideas/comments. If it turns out that some of the issues are discussed more heavily than others, we will provide them with pages on their own to ease maintenance.

Collect i* Tools

Several groups develop their own tools to work with i* models. A questionaire is currently created by Gemma Grau, UPC Barcelona, to gather information on the various tools and provide the resulting information here in the i* Wiki.

Complexity vs. Usability - i* ontology

Class vs. Instance Models/Level

Group Agents vs. Individual Agents

Group Goals vs. Individual Goals, Private Goals, etc.

Mode of Reasoning about Models

Probabilistic Reasoning?

Formal Tropos

Fit Reasoning Technique to Analysis Purpose

"Borrow" Other Reasoning Tools

Theoretical Underpinning for Model Analysis - How?

Simulation of i* Models - How?


Collect Case Studies

Combining Functional and Non-Functional Requirements

Relationships between i* and UML, the database area, etc.

Matching Algorithms for i* Models

Patterns Catalog - Collect and Share

How to represent?

Business Management: Balanced Scorecards, Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Techniques; i* fits with Quantitative Methods

Deriving Organizational Procedures

More Issues not yet introduced in the above structure

  • where do the numbers come from? (in reasoning)
  • trust/ reputation
  • agent evaluation/simulation, how?
  • Inter-model transformation 2 ways, reverse engineering
  • when to use which model and representation
  • for autonomic systems, adaptive software, software evolution driven by changing goals
  • actor behavior models are needed
  • validation

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