i* Paper Presented Most Influencial Paper after 10 Years Award at RE07

Author: Jennifer - Published Thu 06 of Dec, 2007 18:57 GMT-0000 - (5905 Reads)
During RE07 , Eric Yu was presented the IEEE Requirements Conference Series Most Influential Paper after 10 Years Award for his RE97 Paper: Towards Modeling and Reasoning Support for Early-Phase Requirements Engineering. This paper described the use of i* for Early Requirements Engineering and has been of great influence for research invovling i* modeling over the last 10 years. Congratulations Eric!

First Draft of the i* Guide Available

Author: Jennifer - Published Thu 06 of Dec, 2007 18:51 GMT-0000 - (5158 Reads)
The first draft of the i* Guide (istarGuide) is Available on the wiki. This guide contains many guidelines for i* usage, classified by user expertise. The guide will be further developed in the months to come.

The i* Quick Guide is now public!

Author: Dominik Schmitz - Published Wed 15 of Nov, 2006 10:38 GMT-0000 - (6052 Reads)
Jennifer Horkoff, University of Toronto, and Gemma Grau, UPC Barcelona, have established the i* Quick Guide (with authorization by Eric Yu).

It is intended to be both an introduction to i* for new users and a reference guide for experienced users. Furthermore, as this guide is intended to be part of the i* collaborative wiki, we encourage feedback and collaboration in terms of suggesting alternative i* syntax and semantics, including extensions to the Framework. Visit the page for more details!

Thanks a lot, both of you, Jennifer and Gemma, for this tedious job!

i* tool comparison table available!

Author: Dominik Schmitz - Published Tue 10 of Oct, 2006 09:14 GMT-0000 - (5775 Reads)
Gemma Grau, UPC Barcelona, has completed the comparison table for the many i* Tools that are listed in this Wiki here. The comparison relies on the questionnaire used to describe the tools. Thanks a lot, Gemma!

i* researchers at the i* Wiki

Author: System Administrator - Published Sun 25 of Jun, 2006 18:51 GMT-0000 - (7054 Reads)
Currently, the Who is Who page lists 60 i* researchers from 20 affiliations. 37 of them are registered users to the i* Wiki!
In the body of this article you find a per country diagram for the 60 i* researchers.

News section launched

Author: System Administrator - Published Wed 21 of Jun, 2006 19:03 GMT-0000 - (6490 Reads)
In order to provide better feedback to you (the visitors) on what is happening at this site here, this news page is intended to hint on
  • recent changes on the i* Wiki,
  • interesting discussions,
  • upcoming events relevant to i*,
  • new research ideas
  • or photos :-)
  • ...