Operationalizations and Refinement of Goals and Softgoals

5.8 Operationalizations and Refinement of Goals and Softgoals

When softgoals are decomposed into tasks, such tasks are called operationalizations. They are achievable through a concrete action. Operationalizations can be further decomposed into further, more specific operationalizations or even to other i* elements such as goals and softgoals, necessary to achieve the tasks.

Goals and Softgoals are intentional elements that could be used externally in the Dependency Links between Actors and internally within Actors. Depending on some reasons such as the required level of analysis, required efforts, complexity, and objectives of the models, internal high level Goals and Softgoals could be refined (broken down) into lower level goals and Softgoals. These refinement processes in effect, define and elaborate on the meaning of the goals and make them more concrete. Some guidelines are provided in this section to help in making the refinement process more systematic and usable.

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