Registration and User Rights Policy for the i* Wiki

Registration Policy for the i* Wiki

To gain full access to this site, a registration is needed.
To register send an email describing your affiliation and your relation to i* to istarwiki .

NEW By default all newly created pages are viewable also for unregistered visitors!!! In order to restrict viewing access to a page, please, use the category "Restricted Access" in the edit dialog of a page (file, image gallery, ...). Details on this can be found on the page Working with the Wiki. Currently, some pages within Case Studies and Events are viewable only to registered users. For editing, people always have to register.


Every registered user is allowed to edit every page - this is the central concept of a Wiki. This very open and cooperative environment requires respectful and responsible users which value the contributions of others as much as their own's (see also Wikiquette) !

Understanding Access Restrictions in the i* Wiki

Consider the access privileges/constraints described above while adding your content to the Wiki!
While the described registration procedure establishes some limited form of access restrictions, this is nothing to rely on. If you need to protect very sensitive information do not place it in the Wiki but provide a reference to a page on your side where you can take severer security measurements.

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