Working with the Wiki

Creating and editing Wiki pages

  • To create a page simply add a link to it on an existing page (using double brackets around the title of the new page). The title must not include a "/"! After storing the altered page, a question mark indicates that there is a link to a non-existent page and following this link brings up the dialog for creating a new page. You can also create pages from within the structure administration (left menu, item below Wiki).
  • Within the edit view, the Wiki quick help link will give you a good idea about the Wiki syntax.
  • If there is anything, you do not have the rights to do, please contact istarwiki .

How to organize/structure the information?

  • The structure feature allows to sort Wiki pages into a tree structure. You can see the overall structure of this i* Wiki on its homepage i* Wiki Home. Editors can edit the structure via the structures item in the Wiki menu (left menu, click on the symbol preceding Wiki). All the others please contact istarwiki .
  • Since the structure feature includes only Wiki pages, we should additionally make use of the categories feature (1st item in the "More Features" section on the left menu) which works also on image galleries, forums, file galleries and whatsoever. While this seems kind of redundantly doubling work, it nevertheless makes sense, because the automatically generated control features for structures are much more sophisticated than for categories and also most information will be on Wiki pages. So when you create a new page (or forum, file, image etc.) please choose an appropriate category (and in case of a Wiki page, you may remind editors to put it into the structure also). Don't forget to check also the checkbox titled "categorize this object" for the categorization to take effect.
  • You can check whether a page is categorized correctly at the bottom of the page, where all objects in the same category are listed up.

How to restrict access to your page?

  • You can make use of a special category named "Restricted Access" in order to limit viewing access of your page to registered users only. By simply assigning this category to the page (don't forget to check also the checkbox titled "categorize this object" for the categorization to take effect), the page inherits the rights of this category.

How to discuss?

There are two ways of discussing a particular Wiki page:
  1. a dedicated forum - to generate one for a Wiki page simply click on the discuss link on that page. This will introduce a new topic in the forum Discussions on Wiki Pages.
  2. add comments to a page - you can see whether comments are already available from the number which is then mentioned in the link, for example, see the Publications page.
Simply adding comments to the Wiki page content should be avoided since there is no mechanism to keep track of who posted this message!

How to Store Files?

The Tiki software distinguishes between images and files. Images can be stored into image galleries and a thumbnail view is provided for them (no filled example yet, but maybe consider Photos of the 2nd i* Workshop or Who is Who). Other files are stored in file galleries (see Presentations from 2nd i* Workshop, London). Since both types of galleries can be categorized they can also be connected to other elements e.g. Wiki pages, forums, etc.
Image and File Galleries can be accessed via menu items below More Features.
But additionally there is also another way to tighter couple a file to a Wiki page, namely via Wiki attachment. This is suitable if only one or a very small number of files are to be associated with the page, for example, models of a case study or the software described in a tool questionnaire.

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