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1.0August, 2006Gemma Grau

i* Guide

Welcome to the main page for the i* Guide. The Table of Contents (TOC) below provides access to all the Wiki Pages covering all the sections and i* guidelines. The house icon (Image ) and the arrows at the top of each Wiki Page allow you to navigate between the pages of this guide.

  • The stable version displays the guidelines as per the current i* style of the University of Toronto. Both non-registered (general Internet users) and registered i* wiki users can only view the stable version of the Guideline Wiki Pages. Commenting on and editing the stable pages is not possible.
  • The open version is accessible to registered users only through links within the stable version to comment on the Guideline Wiki Pages by clicking on the "add comment" tab at the top or bottom of the open pages. Furthermore, editing permissions are given to particular registered users (researchers and contributors) to provide discussions and illustrations for other i* modeling styles.

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