1 Purpose

1.1 Education

The i* Guide is intended to be both an introduction to i* for new users and a reference guide for experienced users. It is constituted of basic i* notation and a glossary and provides relatively elaborated material on the usage of the i* framework and notation through introducing guidelines that are associated with discussions and illustrations. These Guidelines, which touch on some of the fundamental concepts of i* Framework, are intended to, among other desirable modeling characteristics, improve the readability, understandability, usability, and feasibility of i* models and enhance the overall consistency and effectiveness of the i* modeling process. Therefore, the net positive effect is to reduce variation in practice among users of i* modeling framework. Furthermore, the i* Guide refers the readers to original sources where more advanced, detailed, or thorough material and discussions can be found.

1.2 Collaboration

As this guide is intended to be part of the i* collaborative wiki we encourage feedback and collaboration in terms of suggesting alternative i* syntax and semantics, including extensions to the Framework. However, in order to keep the Guide brief and easily understandable, we suggest collecting i* adaptations, expansions, and further examples in separate document(s), namely the istarSyntaxVariations page. If enough variations of i* usage are collected, this can facilitate interesting and useful comparisons.

Moreover, and to facilitate this collaboration process, i* wiki will host two versions of the i* Guide: A stable version and an open version. The open version is accessible to all registered i* wiki users to comment and provide suggestions on individual guidelines. Therefore, it is highly appreciated and valued that i* community utilizes this open version as a basis to develop and enhance the i* Guide further. In effect, you can think of the open version as a prototype that invokes and generates further input toward the achievement of a better artifact.

For questions regarding i* syntax please click on the "discuss" tab. This feature is available for registered users only. For registration information please see the Registration and User Rights Policy for the i* Wiki.

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