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Notice: The version of i* described in the i* Guides (i* 1.0) has been superseded by the iStar 2.0 Core Language, evolving the basic concepts of i* into a consistent and clear set of core concepts, upon which to build future work and to base goal-oriented teaching materials. Many of the guidelines will still be useful, but may be inconsistent with the new iStar 2.0 Language design.

Currently, two guides are available for the i* community: the i* Quick Guide and the i* Guide. The following is a short description of each. Click on any of the available guides below and start enjoying graphical modeling using the i* framework and language

i* Quick Guide

The i* Quick Guide provides a glossary of the main i* constructs and how they should be combined according to their semantics. It is intended to be both an introduction to i* for new users and a reference guide for experienced users. Also, it is intended to be brief and readable, without an in-depth exploration of the motivations for, usage, and underlying philosophies of the i* Framework. Click on the title of this paragraph or on the corresponding icon below to access the quick guide.

i* Guide

The i* Guide extends the i* Quick Guide to include i* guidelines with elaborated discussions and illustrations. Individual wiki pages for all the guidelines are made accessible to all registered i* wiki users to comment and provide suggestions on individual guidelines. Information about using the guidelines is included in the guide. Click on the title of this paragraph or on the corresponding icon below to access the guide.

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